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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tune-Up Utilities 2010

TuneUp Utilities 2010 is a popular software utility to fine tine, optimize, maintain and troubleshoot Windows computer system. With TuneUp Utilities, users can make PC fast and stable, tweak or customize Windows easily, and even fix issues or problems commonly affected Windows operating system. The newest version of TuneUp Utilities, TuneUp Utilities 2010 version 9.0 has been released, with full compatibility with Windows 7, Windows Vista And Windows XP.

Features of TuneUp Utilities 2010:
  • Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system.
  • Runs on both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Turbo Mode to disable many unnecessary functions in XP, Vista, and Windows 7 that run in the background and are often hardly needed to harness full power for actively running programs.
  • TuneUp Live Optimization to improve response times by preventing background processes from taking up too much of the PC’s resources, and accelerate program startup times.
  • TuneUp Utilities Gadget to show the system health on the desktop and give direct access to TuneUp Utilities functions (for Vista and Windows 7).
  • Completely redesigned TuneUp Utilities Start Center shows system health at a glance and provides direct access to key functions.
  • 1-Click Maintenance and Automatic Maintenance.
  • Optimize system startup and shutdown.
  • Defragment hard disks and registry.
  • Remove broken shortcuts.
  • Clean registry.
  • Free up disk space.
  • Display and uninstall programs.
  • Fix typical problems.
  • Restore deleted data.
  • Manage running programs.
  • heck hard drive for errors.
  • Personalize Windows appearance such as startup and log-on screens.
  • Change more than 400 Windows settings.
The main surprise comes after TuneUp Utilities 2010 is launched. Despite the huge and vast functionality built-into TuneUp Utilities 2010, the Start Center is clean and uncluttered. Start Center is designed with four main pillars of TuneUp Utilities 2010 – Maintain System, Increase Performance, Fix Problems, and Customize Windows, where each displaying summary of the results and/or shortcuts to the most frequently used functions.

TuneUp Utilities 2010 is made up of many integrated small utilities such as Drive Defrag, Shortcut Cleaner, Registry Defrag, Registry Cleaner, Live Optimization, Free Up Disk Space, Startup Manager, Uninstall Manager, Process Manager, Disk Doctor, Undelete, Repair Wizard, Styler, System Control and many more. With so many functionality available, user who doesn’t know where to start can rely on 1-Click Maintenance or Automatic Maintenance which automatically perform various system maintenance routines (configurable) to maintain system in tip-top condition.

TuneUp Utilities 2010 also provies user recommendations on how to improve the performance of the PC. But user has to first create a profile to let TuneUp Utilities know you want to optimize the Internet, visual effects and installed applications. Then, TuneUp Utilities checks the system and gives recommendations in term of system performance, Internet settings, visual effects and uninstallation of unused programs.

Some modules of TuneUp Utilities 2010 is actually duplicate with built-in functionality of Windows OS, such as Disk Doctor for scanning disk drive for errors, and Drive Defrag. However, Registry Defrag and Registry Cleaner are nice add-ons to optimize system registry. We also like the new Turbo Mode, which allows user to disable unwanted running programs or processes and unnecessary visual effect at one go. The Repair Wizard which fixes common problems is useful, although the the problems it able to fix is rather limited. However, we like the fact that it can recommend us to disable remote registry access capability and administrative shares. The Styler and System Control are also very useful tools which provide one-stop access to many settings and options available in Windows which otherwise users may have to spend more time just to find where to change the settings, or unable to change.

Last but not least, the TuneUp Rescue Center provides backups and ability to restore any changes that are been made by the program, which make it an indispensable tool. It also double up as system recovery similar to Windows’ System Restore, and supports Windows’ restore points.

If you want to try this application you can get it through the link at the bottom of this article, Urang Bogor try to give a Tune-Up Utilities 2010 is the full version so that we can all use the Tune-Up Utilities, with comprehensive features that have been in accordance with our tried to describe above.

The following download link


Monday, April 26, 2010

Bogor Outer Ring Road (BORR)

Urban transportation problems in the never ending, as the growth centers of economic and community activity, which was located far from where they live. Use of private vehicles is also still quite high. when roads have never experienced the same changes with the increasing number of vehicles passing on the highway.

Bogor city image which is often nicknamed the city public transportation with traffic congestion appears to be severe enough to change. One road-building projects that have been completed in the year 2009 among other toll projects Bogor Outer Ring Road (BORR), section I.Construction of 3.8 km along the highway which began in 2005 was USD 306 billion investment to swallow, coming from investor funds, and borrowing the rest from banks.

Since Bogor Outer Ring Road Stage One was completed and opened several BORR had not before, the number of vehicles crossing the road is quite significant, but currently these roads has decreased. because the main road to the streets of New BORR (Jl. Tole Iskandar-Red) suffered severe damage, so the vehicle immediately to avoid Jl. Tole Iskandar and choose another path toward Jagorawi toll.

considering the level of congestion in the area of Bogor is very high, caused by several things such as roads, traffic volume is very dense, and Bogor, known as the City of a Million public transportation is still a lack of awareness of motorists about driving awareness. BORR expected to reduce traffic congestion in the area of the city of Bogor, because at this time to get to the toll Jagorawi can be reached via Bogor Outer Ring Road (BORR) with a level of efficiency in both time and other costs. because it can be done in just 5-10 minutes without having to meet the congestion in the street in the city of Bogor.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

KASKUS, The Larges Indonesian Community

Indonesia is a country whose population is a social networking users with huge potential. Counted, the population of Indonesia is the sixth largest number of Twitter users, Facebook users number three, number two of Friendster users, and users Kaskus number one.

Kaskus is a Forum, which is where the user should discuss about various things, from the serious theme of things and help each other to the theme of politics here.Forums also provide a medium for the Submit (Call to User Forums) in terms of buying and selling of goods (we can also call the Business Room) in this forum Kaskus better known by FJB (Sell-Buy Forum), and FJB is a very interesting forum by Submit to offer all forms of merchandise to a business proposition.

Submit Kaskus also facilitates the existing area around them, provide it with the Regional Forum, which was so Submit different regions can be assembled with their respective regional Submit. bogor regional example where I live, the area where I live there in Cibinong, which is the capital city of Bogor regency which has undergone very rapid development of the region. Submit the plan therefore will strive to make Cibinong as Regional as the number of Cibinong Submit any more and growing.

To become a regional Submit Gath Cibinong should do with the number of sets of at least 50 regional Submit Cibinong much as 2 times and activities Baksos 2 times. so, we request the support from friends and friends of this sites Blogger to be able to support activities that will Baksos we hold, is currently in the fundraising stage and making Submit Cibinong attributes which will be marketed to Submit and our blogger buddies that are pleasing to memeli attribute of the Submit Cibinong and help raising funds for regional baksos Cibinong.

In addition to FJB and Regional Forum on Kaskus that can make a good source of inspiration in everyday activities and in the world Blog, Blogger Kaskus there can also be asked about their own Blog, share your blog issues and various other information such as SEO, blog traffic, Themes Blog, Page Rank and others.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick Media Converter 4.0

Quick the Media Converter 4.0 is an application that can convert your multimedia files quickly and easily. With Quick Media Converter 4.0 we can convert multiple files at once, and incredibly again 4.0 Quick Media Converter can also convert some types of multimedia files of different formats in a single process at once so no need to wait one by one.

Quick Media Converter 4.0 offers two options that is Easy and Expert mode, you stay in Easy mode and select the video output format desired. While for the Expert mode please specify the format in accordance with the video configuration you desire manually, if you want to generate the converted files have high quality? You just click the "HD".

Additionally Quick Media Converter 4.0 supports video and audio formats with complete, Quick Media Converter 4.0 are also useful as a catcher application didekstop activity through function "CamStudio", this function is already integrated in it so no longer need to install another application. You can also control the activity of its functions such as recording webcam images and video. And even more amazing is you can adjust the brightness, the video source to the resolution.

Quick Media Converter 4.0 also supports windows operating system from Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP to Windows Vista and Windows 7, Mantab right? Get this app for free by downloading it :


Friday, April 9, 2010

Tabs In Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista beta version has a very interesting feature. These features mimic a web browser today, namely Tabbed browser. So we do not disubukkan with many browser windows are stacked and are also more free to run other programs. Unfortunately Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista beta does not proceed so that we can not enjoy these features. Yahoo! Messenger just released a YM 10 for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Although different versions, the newly released YM 10 can support the tab, we only need to play with the "regedit" or registry in the following manner:
  1. Click the "Start", Type "regedit" and press "Enter"
  2. After the Registry window open and go into "HKEY_CURRENT USER \ software \ yahoo \ pager"
  3. Create a new DWORD 32 bit Value, Then give the name "Tabbed IM"
  4. Double-click the new value and give value of 1 in value data.
If every step above is correct, we now try to run the YM and Chat with your friends certainly more than one person to see the results.





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